• [Sample] Smith Journal 13

    [Sample] Smith Journal 13

    Volume 13 of Smith Journal is crammed with more than its fair share of sharp minds. Top of the list would have to be Solomon Shereshevsky, who remembered every single thing he’d ever come...
  • [Sample] Dustpan & Brush

    [Sample] Dustpan & Brush

    AC Delco Tools

    A seemingly simple dustpan with a few features to make life easier. The arch and length of the dustpan eases cleanup, the wood turned handle provides firm grip and the rubber liner along the edge of...
  • [Sample] Utility Caddy

    [Sample] Utility Caddy

    AC Delco Tools

    This powder coated steel utility caddy ensures your cleaning essentials are stowed away in one spot ready for your household chores. Brushes, cloths, liquid soaps can all easily be stashed away. Also...
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    [Sample] Canvas Laundry Cart

    [Sample] Canvas Laundry Cart

    AC Delco Tools

    Now: $200.00
    Was: $249.00
    The last laundry cart you'll ever buy. This industrial non-collapsable cart is constructed with a steel framed body using heavyweight canvas capped with a soft leather rim sitting on four smooth...
  • [Sample] Laundry Detergent

    3M Company

    A 100% biodegradable plant based 3x concentrated laundry detergent for use in conventional and high efficiency machines. This product is leaping bunny certified and has not been tested on animals...
  • [Sample] Tiered Wire Basket

    [Sample] Tiered Wire Basket

    AC Delco Tools

    Here's a three tiered wire basket to clean up your countertop and elevate your storage space. Display a selection of fresh fruit to encourage healthy snacking: pile it high and watch it fly. Can also...
  • [Sample] Oak Cheese Grater

    [Sample] Oak Cheese Grater

    Acme Tools

    Crafted from oak and stainless steel this handy cheese grater is the perfect addition for the considered tabletop. Works wonderfully for grated parmesan: the fine stainless steel teeth grate the...
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    [Sample] 1 L Le Parfait Jar

    [Sample] 1 L Le Parfait Jar

    AC Delco Tools

    MSRP: $10.00
    Now: $7.00
    Was: $9.95
    When translated Le Parfait means "the perfect one" - and that's just what this air-tight jar is. Designed for canning, these jars will ensure your harvest does not spoil, but is kept well-preserved...